Thursday, April 14, 2011

Good or bad uni?

I choose study on university of Chile becouse i thought that it has a lot of good things, like be very pluralist, have the best teachers and the most important thing to me was the vision it had of veterinary medicine. When i entered i relise that the uni has a bad infrastructure, the students dont have much time to study and the material to work with wasnt very good. But on the oder hand, i met a lot of interesting people that i love very much today, i learn very much in one yaer and i enjoy with animals all days becouse my uni have a beautiful farm.
Now i know that im privileged to be here becouse im getting ready to work in a difficult world but also i want to help university of chile to be a better place to study becouse vet is a beautiful carrier that needs more recognition of people.
Well, im going to continue with my mission to become the best vet of the world!!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The reason i'm studyng vet

Since my childhood i´ve felt that animals have something special that humans dont. So the most part of my live í´ve been living with pets at home wich have made me happy with their sweetness and love.
For all that inconditional love that animals have given me i´m gonna live trying to make something for them. That´s one of the reasons why i´m studying vet now.

Now in this blog i want to show you all the beauty of animals for you to enjoy it with me.